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London Provision Map

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The map below shows educational establishments in London that have historically offered different subjects at Level 3, split by type of qualification.

How to interpret the analysis+

The map shows the providers in selected local authorities that offer subjects meeting the filter criteria selected. For example, an employer could look for schools or colleges offering Level 3 courses in Construction and Planning; the results shown are providers that have historically offered subjects in this field and hence might be able to provide the skills they are looking for.

Clicking on the dot shows the actual subjects offered historically. As course offers can change frequently, always speak to the institution to confirm their latest curriculum offer.

  • Use the drop-downs above the map to choose the sector subject area of provision, the type of qualification and the local authorities you wish to explore.
  • Hover over a dot to see the name of the educational establishment
  • Click the dot to show the subjects historically offered
Important Notes-

The courses shown at each institution are based on those offered historically (normally within the last 2 years) using qualification information from the DfE Performance Table website.

This will include some institutions which are now closed and will not include the provision intended to be offered by newly opened insitutions.

Skills Match - Terms and Conditions

The analysis behind Skills Match is complicated and requires a number of assumptions to be made. It is important that anyone using Skills Match to provide information, advice and guidance or to plan provision understand how the analysis has been produced and its limitations.

Please read the full Terms and Conditions document which you can download here

Please confirm here that you accept the Terms and Conditions in order to continue to the analysis.


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