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Planners or Policy Makers

Planners or Policy Makers
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Planners and policy makers can use Skills Match to strategically plan local skills development, regeneration and business innovation.

The following analysis options are available:

Analysis Report Details You might want to use this report to answer:
Forecasts of learners successfully completing courses in different subject areas, compared with the vacancies linked to those subject areas,for courses and jobs at Level 3 and below. Split by top-level sector subject areas, or individual subjects, as well as level of qualification. Across London, which sectors are likely to have an under supply of skills in 5 years’ time, and at which levels?
Forecast trends of new vacancies to 2020 linked to their related subject area for courses and jobs at Level 3 and below, split by sector subject and level. What sectors are likely to have increasing numbers of vacancies at different levels, and which will be decreasing?
Map comparing future skills supply and projected vacancies by geographical area, for courses and jobs at Level 3 and below. Split by sector subject, year and qualification level. Which areas of London are likely to have the most acute levels of skills shortage in a particular skills sector?
Map of educational establishments in London that have historically offered different subjects at level 3, split by type of qualification. Which providers are already putting on provision in a particular subject area, to ensure that there is no overlap with new provision?

Skills Match - Terms and Conditions

The analysis behind Skills Match is complicated and requires a number of assumptions to be made. It is important that anyone using Skills Match to provide information, advice and guidance or to plan provision understand how the analysis has been produced and its limitations.

Please read the full Terms and Conditions document which you can download here

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